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For general rules about Bracha Achrona such as the minimum amount to obligate a Bracha Achrona or the time within which Bracha Achrona may be recited, see the Bracha Achrona page.

Al HaMichya

  1. If one ate a Kezayit of mezonot food (cake, cookies, etc) after one finishes eating one should make Al HaMichya. [1] Being that Al Hamichya is only recited for shivat haminim there is a discussion if it is Biblical or rabbinic; the conclusion is that it is rabbinic.[2]
    1. If someone isn't sure whether he recited Al Hamichya or another Mein Shalosh he should have another kezayit of that food so that he can then recite a certain Bracha Achat Mein Shalosh. However, if he can't exempt it he should not repeat Mein Shalosh.[3]
  2. If someone has a food that’s there's a dispute whether it is Al Hagefen one should not eat that food together with a Kezayit of Shehakol and Kezayit of Shevat HaMinim as it’s forbidden to add any addition to Al HaMichya even if it doesn’t cause an addition of Hashem’s name. [4]
  3. If someone had a food that’s a Kezayit of Mezonot and less than a Kezayit of Shevat HaMinim one shouldn’t add the addition of Al HaEtz but one who does add it in has what to rely on. [5]
  4. Someone who ate a Mezonot and Shevat HaMinim can fulfill the obligation of his friend who only had a Safek Kezayit of Mezonot and the addition of Al HaEtz isn’t a Hefsek. [6]
  5. If someone ate a Kezayit of Mezonot and a Revi'it of wine and forgot to make add Al Hagefen one should make a new bracha in order to say Al HaMichya. [7]
  6. If a person eats a Kezayit of shivat haminim and a Kezayit of another fruit one can make an al haetz (bracha achrona) and that covers both fruits. [8]

Shiur to obligate Al HaMichya

  1. If a person ate cake or any mezonot the minhag is to recite al hamichya as long as he ate a kezayit of the cake if there is a proportion of 1 portion of 1 flour to 6 parts of the total ingredients.[9]

Al HaEtz

  1. The Bracha Achrona for grapes, figs, pomegranate, olives, and dates is Bracha Achat Mein Shalosh with the insert of Al HaEtz VeAl Pri HaEtz. [10]


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