Baal Halachot Gedolot

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  1. Often times, the Rishonim will disagree with the Bahag but conclude in favor of his ruling anyway, even if it's illogical, because "Devarav Divrei Kabbalah Hem." Because of the tradition stemming from the Amoraim, through the Savoraim, to him, the Bahag is granted special authority when the Gemara does not explicitly say otherwise; however, if the Rishonim feel the Gemara contradicts his words, then they freely disagree in practice, as well.[1]
  2. Though certain the Bahag was one of the Geonim, The Rishonim are uncertain if the Halachot Gedolot was authored by Rav Yehudai Gaon, who was blind, or by Rav Shimon Kayyara. Illogical rulings could be pinned on the former's students misinterpretation of their rebbe's words when writing his sefer. Some say Rav Shimon Kayyara wrote Halachot Gedolot, and Rav Yehudai Gaon wrote a different sefer known as Halachot Pesukot, while others claim they each wrote a sefer called Halachot Gedolot.[2]
  3. There are some textual issues and pieces missing from our version of the Halachot Gedolot.[3]


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