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The Three Cardinal Sins


  1. According to the Rambam, one should proclaim "Allahu Akbar" instead of giving his life up, if given the ultimatum, since Islam is not Avodah Zarah.[1] However, the Radbaz considers abandoning or denying foundations of our religion to be Yehareg ve'Al Yaavor, even in private, for the persecutor's own benefit, at a time when there is no decree against Judaism.[2]

Other Mitzvot

Whereas violation of the three cardinal sins constitutes a Chillul Hashem and one must therefore give up his life to avoid it, violation of other Mitzvot does not, unless it means certain criteria, in which, the gravity of the sin is so great that it also warrants giving up one's life.[3]

  1. Based on the narrative of Yehudah and Tamar, Chazal advise one to rather jump into a fiery furnace than humiliate his fellow in public. Some Rishonim take this literally as an additional Mitzvah to sacrifice one's life instead of violating,[4] while others argue Chazal were exaggerating to make a point and did not mean we should take the Halacha literally.[5] Others accept the Gemara as Halacha but qualify it to any embarrassment equivalent to the eteral humiliation of Yehudah from Tamar. Only in such instances must one die rather than embarrass his fellow in public, and, since we are incapable of measuring such embarrassment, we cannot consider such an avenue.[6]
  2. According to some, fabricating or lying about the laws of the Torah outright is also Yehareg ve'Al Ya'avor;[7] although, some disagree[8] Some say that the former is only true if the Halacha is unanimous, but if there is more than one view, one may present the minority opinion and not surrender his life.[9] Some say that the Maharshal only meant it with respect to the Beit Din HaGadol, whose word defines Torah SheBaal Peh.[10]


  1. Even if the ones trying to uproot Jewish practices are the Jews themselves, such as the Reform, the situation would be considered one of Shmad.[11]

In Presence of a Minyan

For the Non-Jew's Benefit

Mitzvot Aseh


  1. According to the Shelah, when sacrificing oneself for Kiddush Hashem, one recites the Beracha "Lekadesh Shemo BaRabbim" - "ברוך אתה יקוק אלוקינו מלך העולם אשר קדשנו במצותיו וצונו לקדש שמו ברבים"[12]

Chillul Hashem

  1. The Torah states "You shall not desecrate My Holy Name"[13], and this is counted as one of the 613 mitzvot.[14]


Non Jews

  1. Although Bnei Noach are not obligated in Kiddush Hashem, they are permitted to give up their lives at will in such situations.[15]

Further Reading

  • Yabia Omer vol. 6 Yoreh Deah Siman 13 - "בדין קידושי ה'"


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