Cleaning and Folding Garments on Shabbat

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Cleaning and Folding Garments on Shabbat

  1. It is permitted to gently shake garments in order to remove the dust from them. It is also permitted to remove dust from leather shoes or pour water onto them. However, one may not shine them. [1].

Pouring Talc or Salt

  1. It is forbidden to pour talcum powder or salt in order to absorb an oily stain. [2].

Folding Garments

  1. It is forbidden to fold garments on Shabbat unless one has no room in the closet for them, or wants to reuse them during the same Shabbat. [3].

Cleaning Muddy Shoes

  1. It is permitted to clean muddy shoes before entering the house on Shabbat. [4].


  1. It is permitted to rub and clean a plastic tablecloth on Shabbat with liquid soap. However, if part of the tablecloth is made from material it is forbidden to clean on Shabbat. [5].

Cleaning a Spill

  1. In the event that a small quantity of liquid spilled onto the table on Shabbat, it is permitted to wipe the wet table using a dry cloth provided there is no squeezing involved. However, it is forbidden to wipe it using a cloth if there was a big spill of liquid. One must use a plastic cleaner. <ref> Or Letzion 2.24.8 Cite error: The opening <ref> tag is malformed or has a bad name.
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