Getting Dressed

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Getting Dressed

  1. It is important to maintain a level of modesty at all times even at night. [1] Therefore, one should not reveal areas that are usually covered even when getting dressed, unless it is necessary. [2]
  2. One should cover one's head before getting dressed because the head is the most important part of the body and we want to show it the appropriate amount of respect. [3]
  3. A talmid chacham should make sure that his clothes are in accordance with his importance and to be neat and clean and make sure his clothing is not torn or stained. [4]
  4. One should be careful not to put on two articles of clothing at once. [5]
  5. One should not wear one's clothing inside-out, as this can also cause one to forget one's Torah. [6]


  1. One should put on one's right shoe before one's left shoe [7] However, one should tie the left shoelaces before the right ones. [8] # Women should also tie the left shoe first. [9]
  2. One should remove one's left shoe before one's right shoe. [10]


  1. Mishna Brurah 2:1 writes that a standard of modesty is needed at all times since Hashem’s presence fills the entire world always.
  2. S”A 2:1 writes that one should get dressed while under the blanket and not get up and then get dressed. Mishna Brurah 2:1 writes that this idea applies in general that one should not reveal the areas usually covered unless it is necessary. Iggerot Moshe YD 3:47:3 says that if this would cause a person discomfort they would not need to do this.
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