Welcoming Guests

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  1. Welcoming guests is among the mitzvot which one performs in this world and enjoys from its fruit in this world and in the next. [1]
  2. Both men and women are obligated in the mitzva of hachnasat orchim. [2] Nevertheless a spouse should not invite a guest without informing his or her spouse and asking permission. [3]
  3. Ideally one should first allow a guest to rest from the long journey before feeding him. [4] Additionally one should show a guest the bathroom because they might need it but would be embarrassed to ask for it. [5]
  4. There is a special merit for inviting a talmid chacham to your house. [6]
  5. If a guest chooses not to eat or drink for whatever reason, one has nevertheless fulfilled his mitzva to welcome the guests. [7]


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