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  1. The author informs us that he doesn't mention the Rama or the Levush much in Kenesset HaGedolah Orach Chaim because he wrote it in Constantinople, where the Minhag was to follow Maran without care for the Rama or Levush. The rest of the sections were written in Tyre, where people did follow them, so he mentions them, too.[1] Some dispute this claim.[2]
  2. The Rama's Darkei Moshe was not available to the Kenesset HaGedolah.[3]
  3. The Sefer Kenesset HaGedolah was published in piecemeal, so many Acharonim did not have the full set.[4]
  4. The Shach's Sefer Siftei Kohen was not published and certainly did not reach the hands of the Kenesset HaGedolah until late in the latter's life.[5]


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