Kohanim Not Becoming Tameh

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Blocking Tumah of Corpse

  1. If there is a corpse in a room the tumah extends from room to room if there is an opening of a Tefach by a Tefach. If there is an opening of a Tefach square and it is completely closed off tumah doesn't extend beyond. However, if it is only partially closed off and the hole is less than a Tefach if the closing is permanent the tumah doesn't extend but if it is temporary it isn't a sufficient blockage and tumah expends.[1]
  2. A closed door is considered a permanent blockage of tumah.[2]
  3. Only items that aren't mekabel tumah are able to block tumah.[3] Anything attached to the ground isn't mekabel tumah for these purposes.[4]

Alerting a Kohen of Tumah

  1. If a kohen is sleeping in a house where there is a dead corpse you should wake him up to tell him to leave. If he isn't wearing clothing, first tell him to just come out of the house and he'll get dressed, and only then tell him about the corpse.[5]

Air Travel

See Kohanim_Flying_on_a_Plane#Kohanim:_Air_Travel


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