Kosher Milk

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  1. It is rabbinically forbidden to drink milk that was milked from a cow by a non-Jew without a Jew watching out of a concern that he might mix in milk from a non-kosher animal[1]
  2. In a country where there is a law that makes it illegal to mix milk from other animals into cow milk and sell it as milk, some poskim say that it is permitted to drink kosher milk which isn't chalav yisrael. [2] Other poskim hold that it is forbidden and so it is proper to be strict except for someone who is sick or a baby. Those who live in the diaspora and it is difficult to be strict on this, have what to rely upon if they are lenient.[3]

Powdered Milk

  1. According to some poskim, even powdered milk is included in the rabbinic prohibition of drinking milk when the milking process wasn't supervised by a Jew throughout.[4]

Further Reading


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