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  1. Writing any kind of letter or symbol (that represents some idea) is forbidden under Kotaiv. [1]
  2. Affixing letters to a surface is also considered Kotaiv. [2]Examples include:
  • Attaching letters to a wallpaper,
  • Placing magnetic letters to a board
  • Arranging edible letters onto a cake.
  • Snapping Scrabble letter tiles into fitted groves
  1. However if the letters exist on a surface already it’s permissible to arrange them in an order. [3]Examples include:
  • Arranging number cards in front of the shul to show congregants the correct page number
  • Lining up numbers of a combination lock [4]
  • Playing a game that entails placing numbered tiles adjacent to one another
  1. If ink or wax fell on writing one should not erase the ink or wax because that would be erasing in order to write. [5]
  • If this is found in a Torah during Torah reading, if one can read the letter through the wax the Torah is fit to be read, but if it’s not readable some say to take out another Torah and some say just to read that word by heart. [6]
  • Another example where erasing is forbidden on account of writing is where one erases one letter to form another letter or erasing one letter to form two letters such as separating an m into two n’s. [7]
  1. If letters or pictures are written on the side of pages of a book, it’s permissible to open and close the book. However it’s correct to be strict if you have another book and it’s preferable not to write on the sides of books. [8]
  2. If a book ripped in the place of words, it’s permissible to place the pieces next to one another to read it if one doesn’t have another of these books. [9]
  3. One can brake a cake or cookie that has words printed in or on it if the writing is made of the food itself, but if the letters are made of food coloring or hard sugar one should be strict to brake the letters only in one’s mouth as one eats, nonetheless there is what to rely on to be lenient. [10]
  4. It’s permissible to use a thermometer for which letters appear if the person has fever and when it’s removed from the person the letters disappear. [A digital thermometer is forbidden because using it completes an electric circuit.] [11]
  5. It’s permissible to walk in shoes that have words etched into the soles that form words when walking on dirt or snow. [12]
  6. One can be lenient to wipe with tissue that has words not of sanctity in languages other than Hebrew. [13]
  7. It’s forbidden to write on a table with liquids on his finger. [14]
  8. It’s forbidden to write letters in fog or steam. [15]
  9. Fingerprinting (dipping one’s finger into ink and then placing it on paper) is forbidden as it forms a meaningful image. [16]
  10. One can mark (not in the form a letter) a parchment by the press his nail because it doesn’t last, yet it’s preferable not because some forbid this. [17] According to everyone it’s forbidden to mark a paper as it’s soft and the mark will last. [18]
  11. One may fold the page of a book to mark the place even if the crease leaves a lasting mark. [19]
  12. One may signal in the air, water or on a dry board in the form of letters if it doesn’t leave any mark. [20]
  13. Taking a photograph is forbidden as it draws an image, but one does not have to avoid being in a picture taken by a non-Jew for his own purposes. [21]


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