Lighting Chanukah Candles on Friday Afternoon

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When to light

  1. On Friday afternoon one must light Chanukah candles during the daytime before Shabbat begins.[1] Nonetheless, one may not light earlier than Plag Mincha.[2]
  2. One should light Chanukah candles before Shabbat candles.[3] It suffices to light one of the Chanukah candles and while finishing to light the rest of the candles, the woman of the house can start lighting the Shabbat candles.[4]
  3. One should pray Mincha before lighting candles, but if one can’t find an early minyan, some say it’s better to light candles and then daven Mincha with a minyan.[5]
  4. One needs to put in enough oil that the candle will burn for a half hour after Tzet HaKochavim. Thus, one shouldn’t light too early on Friday afternoon, rather one should light 15 minutes before Shkiah. If there’s not enough oil to last the half hour after Tzet there’s a possible bracha levatala.[6]

If they blow out

  1. One should place the candles in a place that it won’t go out because of wind or the door opening so it doesn’t go out before a half hour after Tzet HaKochavim.[7]
  2. If the candles blow out, many poskim hold that one is not obligated to relight it even though it wasn't lit during the nighttime, however, some argue that one should relit it without a bracha.[8]

Saying Bameh Madlikin on Shabbat Chanuka

  1. It’s the Minhag not to say Bameh Madlikin on Friday night Chanukah.[9]

Lighting in Shul on Friday afternoon

  1. The minhag is to light between mincha and maariv even on Friday afternoon, however, if the congregation is delaying and it going to soon become Shabbat one should light with a bracha before mincha as there will still be Pirsume Nisa when the congregation comes later.[10]

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