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  1. Even though the Radbaz himself testifies numerous times to the allegiance of the Egyptian community in particular and Sephardi world at large to the Rambam, the Minhag in Mitzrayim was to follow the Radbaz and Maharikash, even when their rulings were against the Rambam's.[1]
  2. Most of Maharikash's hearot are from the Beit Yosef.[2]


  1. Yad Malachi (Klalei Shear HaMechabrim 40). See Matnat Yado fn. 66 for many citations of the Radbaz testifying that the custom in Mitzrayim is to follow the Rambam, and see Matnat Yado fn. 67 where he cites the great grandson's Hakdama to Erech Lechem and his Shem HaGedolim entry both saying Mitzrayim and surrounding areas follow the Maharikash even against Maran.
  2. Yad Malachi (Klalei Shear HaMechabrim 40)