Mitzvot Aseh SheHazman Grama

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  1. Women are exempt from all mitzvot Aseh Shehazman Grama with a few execptions as will be listed.
  2. If a women wants to do a Mitzvah that she is exempt from she is permitted and encouraged to do so. Ashkenazim hold that women can make a bracha on such mitzvot even though they are exempt, while Sephardim hold that women can't make a bracha since they are exempt. [1]


  1. Rambam Tzitzis 3:10 writes that since women are exempt from the Mitzvah of Tzitzit they can't make a Bracha on it. However, Tosfot Kedushin 31b in name of the Raavad and Rabbenu Tam argue that even if you are exempt from a mitzvah you can make a bracha if one wants to do the mitzvah.