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There is more than modesty than dress. Primarily modesty relates to a person's conduct privately, publicly, and personal self-awareness. [1]

As a Middah

  1. Hashem displays his modesty by hiding His presence to a large extent.[2] We are enjoined to follow in His ways (which is the mitzvah of VeHalachta BeDerachav[3]) and do the same by not looking for public attention in a general sense.[4]


  1. Rav Hershel Schachter in a shiur on yutorah
  2. Yishayahu 45:15 describes Hashem as being a God who hides.
  3. Devarim 28:9, Shabbat 130a, Sotah 14a
  4. Micha 6:8 states that a person should be modest in His walking with Hashem. The Gemara Macot 24a explains that this is one of the three major principals of Torah.