Nimukei Yosef

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  1. Rav Yosef ibn Chaviva, in his Sefer Nimukei Yosef, presents Chiddushim mostly from the Ritva, whom he endears,[1] but he also draws heavily from the Ran, Rambam, and Rashba.[2]
  2. Despite some Acharonim referring to the commentary on the side of the Rif on Masechtot Bava Kamma, Bava Metzia, Bava Batra, Makkot, and Moed Kattan as the Ran, they are in fact the Nimukei Yosef.[3]
  3. Characteristically, the Nimukei Yosef often begins his comments with the words "אמר המחבר," which aids in ruling him out as an author of Sefarim of the Rishonim that do not.[4]
  4. The commentary to the Rif's Halachot Ketanot is actually that of Rabbeinu Yehonatan miLunelle, not the Nimukei Yosef.[5]


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