Rabbeinu Yerucham

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  1. As a Talmid of the Rosh, Rabbeinu Yerucham's sefer is built on his Rebbe's teachings, and when he quotes the Gemara it is in fact what he understands the Rosh to be saying. At the same time, he's considered separate entity for Kim Li.[1]
  2. Unfortunately Rabbeinu Yerucham's Sefer is filled with textual errors.[2]
  3. Nevertheless, some say that we should rely on Rabbeinu Yerucham more than the Rivash.[3]
  4. The sefer "Issur veHetter" attributed to Rabbeinu Yerucham is actually authored by a different R' Yerucham, who lived in Ashkenaz and was a student of Rabbeinu Peretz and Rav Yitzchak MiDura. This resolves the numerous contradictions between Toledot Adam veChavah and this Issur veHetter as well as the clearly different writing style.[4]


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