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  1. Rav Yosef Karo attests that his Rebbe, Mahari Bei Rav, would follow the Rivash over any of the Rivash's contemporaries.[1]
  2. It's possible that the Rivash didn't have the Mordechai available to him and only mentions what he saw quoted by other Rishonim. The practical relevance would be Hilcheta KeVatrai, which only applies if the later Posek saw the earlier one's work.[2]
  3. The Rivash[3] recommends following the Sefer HaManhig instead of Sefer HaShulchan, as the former was greater than the latter.[4] Rav Chaim Palagi[5] deduces from this Rivash that it's permissible to declare one Rav as greater than another. It's not prohibited or disparaging.
  4. The Rivash often goes on tangents to complete an idea and all its connected points before returning to his original idea.[6]

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