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Welcome to the Official Grand Chase Wiki!

News & Announcements

Recent Patch: File:New.gif 14/07/10 Patch Notes Third Job for Mari has been added! Now Mari can wield the Magic Mallet as the Polaris!
Current Events: File:New.gif Behold Mari’s Mighty Mallet! Before a mysterious massive explosion obliterated it, "Polaris" was the highest position of an ancient kingdom.
File:New.gif Buffs for Beginners Did you bring a new friend to Grand Chase Recently? Are you new to the world of Grand Chase yourself?
Invite Your Friends to Play! School’s out and summer’s here making this the perfect time to introduce your friends to the magical world of Grand Chase!
What New Evil Lurks in the Shadows? Knight Master is quite pleased with Season 3 and is preparing to put on the final finishing touches!
Ultimate Game Card ‘School’s Out’ Promotion! Summer vacation is here and that only means one thing! School’s out and there are games to play!
Don't Trust Your Eyes! The Grand Chase Knights are intent on keeping their promise to the inhabitants of Kungji Village and have trailed the thief’s footprints to the vast...
Gacha Dungeon 1: Kumi Within her beauty lives a thousand year curse...