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  1. The Bracha on meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, and cheese is Shehakol as it is not a product of a plant. [1]


  1. The Bracha on coffee and tea is Shehakol. [2] Read the whole story here.
  2. The Bracha on fruit juices are Shehakol. [3]
  3. The Beracha on soda is Shehakol. [4]
  4. The Bracha on beer is Shehakol. [5]


  1. The Bracha for most candies is Shehakol because of the sugar unless there is a majority ingredient of a fruit or nut. [6]

When does water require a bracha?

  1. One only makes a Shehakol before drinking water and Boreh Nefashot after drinking if one drinks to quench one's thirst or assist digestion. [7]
  2. However if one drinks water for any other reason such as
  • to swallow a pill or food [8]
  • for medical purposes [9]
  • to clear one's throat [10]
  • drinking so that one can make a bracha (to remove oneself from doubt of Boreh Nefashot one wants to have a reviat of water)
  1. If one drinks any other beverage which provides taste or nutrition one makes a bracha whether or not one is thirsty. [11]
  2. If one drinks water in order to swallow a pill and to quench one's thirst, one must make a bracha. [12]
  3. If one gets a slight benefit from the water then it's considered like one drank to quench one's thirst. [13]


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