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How to Make New Page

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** For instance <nowiki>[[Laws of Shema]]</nowiki> = [[Laws of Shema]]
* A red link means that it's an empty page, which you can then click on and add content
== Step 2: Adding Content ==
*To make a simple page, there are really only a few codes you should know
# Subtopics have <nowiki>== before and after ==</nowiki>
# Bullet points use the asterik sign <nowiki>*</nowiki>
# Numbers use the pound sign <nowiki>#</nowiki>
# References require two things:
## Each individual reference needs <nowiki><ref> before and </ref> afterwards</nowiki>
## And, at the very bottom of the page, you must include: <nowiki>==Notes==
<references/> </nowiki>

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