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Sechar Shabbat

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# A doctor can receive wages for a call he did on [[Shabbat]]. <Ref> Sh”t Teshuvot Vehanhagot 1:214, Sh”t Bear Moshe 5:102, Shemirat [[Shabbat]] Kehilchata 28:67 (based on Mishna Brurah 306:24), Menuchat Ahava 10:28, Kaf Hachaim 306:36. </ref>
===Chazzan, Bal Koreh, Mashgiach===
# A chazzan, bal koreh, or mashgiach who are only working on [[Shabbat]] can receive wages, but it’s better that it’s mixed with payment for some work done on a weekday. <Ref> Sh”t Yabea Yabia Omer O”C 5:25 says that since S”A 585:5 says one won’t see any bracha in the money it implies that it’s not forbidden, however S”A 306:5 is strict about this so perhaps S"A retracted from his stringent position. Yalkut Yosef ([[Shabbat]] vol 2, pg 121) writes that the minhag is to be lenient to hire Chazanim just for [[Shabbat]] as long as one doesn’t speak about the amount on [[Shabbat]]. Nonetheless one doesn’t see Bracha from that money and so one should use that money for buying sefarim or the like. Sh”t Tzitz Eliezer 7:28(7), Sh”T Shevet Hakehati 2:103 say if the chazzan or Rabbi spends time prepares for that [[Shabbat]] on the weekday it’s certainly permitted. Sh”t Shaarei Ezra allows a Mohel to accept payment as it’s a dvar mitzvah but preferably he should visit the baby before or after [[Shabbat]] so the payment is mixed with permissible payment. </ref>
==Renting to a non-Jew==

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