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Laws of Learning Torah

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* Kitzur S”A 27:3 writes that someone who can’t learn as his main focus but can at least set aside times to learn, at those times he should learn Halacha which every Jew needs to know and Mussar which subjugate the Yetzer Hara. S"A HaRav (Talkut Torah 246:2) seems to say that Mussar is included in the category of Talmud.
* S”A HaRav (Hilchot Talmud Torah 2:1) explains that Mishna includes the Halacha Pesuka of the Mishnayot and Britot which explain the details of the 613 מצות and nowadays Mishna includes the Halacha Pesuka of the Shulchan Aruch and Rama. S”A HaRav adds that Talmud means understanding the reasons of the halachot in the משניות and Britot and nowadays that means the Rosh and Bet Yosef who explain the reasons of the halachot. </ref> See further in the next section regarding Halacha and Mussar.
# <span id="chokleyisrael"></span> Some have the righteous practice of learning Chok LeYisrael which is a daily learning regiment set up by the Arizal that includes pesukim from Torah, Nevuim, Ketuvim, Mishnayot, Gemara, Zohar, Halacha, and Mussar. <Ref> The source for such a schedule is the Arizal (Shaar Mitzvot VaEtchanan). Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 27:3 writes that it's praiseworthy to learn the Chok LeYisrael daily. Further on the topic, see the Machzik Bracha 156:6, Sh”t Shalmat Chaim Zonenfeld Y”D 89, Kaf HaChaim 132:6, 155:3, and Sh”t Yabea Yabia Omer (Y”D 4:31(5), O”C 9:108(79)). </ref>
==Halacha and Mussar==
# According to the Kabbalah, it's preferable not to learn Tanach at night. <Ref> Birkei Yosef 1:13, 238:2 in name of the Arizal, Ben Ish Chai Pekudei #7, Kaf HaChaim 237:9. </ref> However, some argue that one may be lenient. <ref> Shaar HaTzion 238:1 in name of the Pri Megadim. </ref> However, since it's not forbidden but only preferable, if not learning Tanach will cause [[Bitul Torah]] (Chas VeShalom) one may learn Tanach. <ref> Piskei Teshuvot 238:1 </ref>
# It is permissible to read Tehilim at night if read as a prayer for the sick or for another cause. <ref> Sh"t Tzitiz Eliezer 8:2 </ref>
# It is permissible to read Tanach on Friday night or the night of [[Yom Tov]]. <ref> Piskei Teshuvot 238:1, Sh"t Yabea Yabia Omer 6:30, Sh"t Maharashdam 1:158 </ref>
# It is permissible to learn Tanach along with Rashi at night. <ref> Sh"t Veyeche Yacov O"C 9, Piskei Teshuvot 238:1 </ref>
==Who is obligated to learn Torah?==

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