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# Many permit moving a [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]] by asking a non-Jew to move it. <Ref> Mishna Brurah 308:15, Tiltulei [[Shabbat]] (pg 40), however, Yalkut Yosef ([[Shabbat]] vol 2 pg 409) writes that this leniency should only be relied on if there’s a great need or great financial loss. </ref>
# Some suggest that by placing a permitted item (e.g. piece of food) on a [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]], one would be permitted to move the [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]]. According to Ashekenazim, this leniency isn’t accepted unless there’s a great loss, whereas Sephardim hold that this leniency applies in all cases. <Ref> The Rosh (in his teshuvot#22, quoted by Bet Yosef 308:4) writes that a grinder may be moved if you place any permissible item (like bread) on the grinder and the same is true of a pot. However, the Rashba ([[Shabbat]] 123a) argues that the grinder may only be moved if there’s some of the food that’s normally put in the grinder such as garlic and so too cooked food in a pot. S”A 308:4 seems to rule like the Rosh, however, the achronim including the Taz 308:4 and Mishna Brurah 308:26 argue that one should be strict like the Rashba. Nonetheless, the Yalkut Yosef holds like S”A. </ref>
# It’s permissible to ask a non-Jew to move a [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]] for any need even if it’s just to prevent the object from breaking or being stolen. <Ref>Mishna Brurah 308:15 </ref>
# If [[Tefillin]] have fallen or an in a degrading position, or an in danger of falling or coming into a degrading position it’s permissible to move the [[Tefillin]]. <Ref>Shemirat [[Shabbat]] KeHilchata 20:14 </ref>
# Some say it’s permissible to move a Kli SheMelachto LeIssur which has a permissible item on top of it from [[Bein HaShemashot]], while others hold that one may only move a [[Muktzeh]] item if the Kli SheMelachto LeIssur is specifically designated to hold that permissible item item. For example, one may move a [[cooking pot]] if there was food in it from before [[Shabbat]]. <Ref>S”A 308:5 writes that it’s permissible if there’s some permissible item on the [[Muktzeh]] from [[Bein HaShemashot]]. However, Mishna Brurah 308:26 writes that this is a dispute in the Rishonim and many achronim hold that the above leniency only applies to moving a corpse, yet all agree that one may only move [[Muktzeh]] if there was the designated permissible item on it from [[Bein HaShemashot]] such as food in a [[cooking pot]]. </ref>

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