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# Someone watching children every [[Shabbat]] can receive the wages as a gift. <ref> Sh”t Bear Moshe 5:103 </ref>
# A doctor can receive wages for a call he did on [[Shabbat]]. <Ref> Sh”t Teshuvot Vehanhagot 1:214, Sh”t Bear Moshe 5:102, Shemirat [[Shabbat]] Kehilchata 28:67 (based on Mishna Brurah 306:24), Menuchat Ahava 10:28, Kaf Hachaim 306:36, [ Rabbi Eli Mansour] on </ref>
===Chazzan, Bal Koreh, Mashgiach===
# A chazzan, bal koreh, or mashgiach who are only working on [[Shabbat]] can receive wages, but it’s better that it’s mixed with payment for some work done on a weekday. <Ref>
# Sephardim may rent to a non-Jew an object on Friday which will be used for a Melacha Deoritta (biblically forbidden activity on [[Shabbat]]) as long as the non-Jew has time to remove it from the Jew’s house. Ashkenazim should not rent such an object except on Thursday or earlier in the week. <Ref>Menuchat Ahava (vol 1, chap 19 #4) based on S”A and Rama 246:1 </ref>
==Paying for services==
# One can pay (after [[Shabbat]]) for going into a mikveh on [[shabbat]], or staying at a hotel on [[Shabbat]]. <Ref> Sh”t Nodeh Beyehuda O”C 26, Sh”T Mishnat Halachot 10:65 since the work to prepare the mikveh before [[Shabbat]] and cleaning it after [[Shabbat]] is enough so that the payment is considered mixed with permitted payment. Concerning the hotel, so rule Sh”t HaElef Lecha Shlomo 125 since it’s payment for the stay mixed with payment for cleaning the room before and after [[Shabbat]]. see also [ Rabbi Eli Mansour] regarding hotel</ref>
# One can pay for a ticket to the zoo before [[Shabbat]] for a visit on [[Shabbat]] (this is only in terms of wages on [[Shabbat]], but in terms of kedushat [[Shabbat]] it’s preferable to sanctify [[Shabbat]] with Torah and mitzvoth). <Ref> Shemirat [[Shabbat]] Kehilchata 28:65 </ref>
# One can switch a rotation of a guard or cleaning duty to work on [[Shabbat]] instead of a weekday. <Ref> Shemirat [[Shabbat]] Kehilchata 28:55 the work he’s doing isn’t for a wage but just to exempt himself from working another day. </ref>

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