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# The basic definition of Boneh is creating or assembling any kind of structure. In order to be chayav culpable for Boneh, one need not even build the entire structure; even contributing to the building process can be enough to be chayavculpable. The classic example of the av melacha of Boneh would be the construction of a permanent structure, like a house.<ref> Rav Eli Baruch Shulman highlighted a Rashi in Beitzah, 11b (s.v. d’ein binyan b’keilim) that says the reason that there is no binyan by keilim (according to Beis Hillel) is because Boneh applies only to binyan batim. </ref> # The amount of Boneh that one must do to be chayav culpable is a kol shehu, any amount.<ref> Mishnah, Shabbos 102b. The Gemara says this is learned from the Mishkan where they would fill up wormholes in the kerashim with melted lead. </ref>
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