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Setting the Table

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#One should set the table with nice utensils according to what one can afford. <ref> Tur and S”A 672:2. Mishna Brurah 472:5 adds that one should nice utensils even though during the rest of the year one should refrain from using the best utensils because of [[Zecher LeChurban]] (to commemorate the destruction of the temple; [[Zecher_LeChurban]]). </ref>
# One should set the chairs so that it is possible to lean properly while eating and drinking. <ref> Tur and S”A 472:2 </ref>
# One should distribute candies to the children so that they ask about the differences on the night of [[peasch]]. <ref> S"A Shulchan Aruch 472:16 based on Peschim 108 </ref>
==Preparing the food==

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