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Brachot on Sights

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Bracha for seeing a scholar
==Bracha for seeing a house of Avoda Zara==
# Nowadays we do not make the Bracha for seeing a house of Avoda Zara (which was Baruch Atta…SheNatan Erech Apayim LeOvri Retzono). <Ref> S”A 224:1 writes that for seeing an Avoda Zara the Bracha is Baruch Atta…SheNatan Erech Apayim LeOvri Retzono. The Mishna Brurah 224:2 adds that this Bracha also applies if one only sees the house of the Avoda Zara. However, the Rama 224:1 writes clearly that our minhag is not to make this Bracha nowadays since we see these houses of Avoda Zara often. Mishna Brurah 224:3 extends the case to even if one didn’t see the house of Avoda Zara in thirty days one still doesn’t make the Bracha. </ref>
==Bracha for seeing Seeing a scholarScholar==# For seeing a great Jewish Chacham (wise scholar) the Bracha is Baruch Atta…SheChalak MeChachmato LeYire’av ברוך אתה ה' אלקינו מלך העולם שחלק מחכמתו . ליראיו <ref>S”A 224:6 , Berachot 58a, Rambam Berachot 10:11, Yechave Daat 4:16</ref> However, this Bracha is made rarely because it should only be made for a wise scholar, G-d fearing person, and man of [[Middot]]. <Ref>Piskei Teshuvot 224:4, Yalkut Yosef (vol 3 pg 602).
* Aruch HaShulchan OC 224:6 says not to make this beracha nowadays since we are not sure if the talmidei chachamim are as great as the talmidei chachamim to which the gemara refers.
* However, the Piskei Teshuvot (224: note 17) lists many gedolim who made this beracha on others. It also quotes Rav Moshe Feinstein, Chacham Ovadia, Chazon Ish, Minchat Elazar 5:7 and Rivivot Ephraim 8:128:6 who hold that one should make this beracha on rabbis today
* Ben Ish Chai Parashat Ekev: Halacha 13 and , Tzitz Eliezer 14:37:3 , Chesed Laalafim 224:12 suggest making a beracha without Hashem’s name. </ref>
# For seeing a brilliant non-Jewish secular scholar the Bracha is Baruch Atta…SheNatan MeChachmato LeBasar VeDam. <Ref>S”A 224:7 </ref> Some say that there’s a minhag not to make this Bracha nowadays. <Ref>Piskei Teshuvot 224:5 writes that the minhag is not to make this Bracha since some say that one should make the Bracha on non-Jews that don’t keep the 7 מצות of Bnei Noach </ref>

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