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# The age of chinuch depends on the child's individual intelligence. Usually the age when a child is intelligent enough for mitzvos is 5 or 6 years of age.<ref> Mishnah berurah (128:123).</ref>
# There are some mitzvos in which parents start training their children even before five years of age. But some mitzvos can be more complicated and parents should wait until children are older to train them.<ref>Mishnah berurah (128:123) </ref>
# A child can make several of mistakes before they can begin to execute the mitzvah properly. But if one does make a mistake trying to execute the mitzvah, the parents should not get frustrated with their kid and instead they should encourage them to try to execute and fulfill the mitzvah again. <ref> <Mishnah Berurah (343:3).</ref>
== Who is obligated in Chinuch? ==
* There is a machloket in the commentaries regarding whether the mitzvah of chinuch is for the parent or the child.

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