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===Roof which is attached===
# If a roof was attached before [[Shabbat]] with hinges or another permanent connection it is permitted to spread out that roof (which was attached) on [[Shabbat]]. <Ref>Shemirat [[Shabbat]] KeHilchata 24:13 </ref>
# It is permitted to open the hood of a baby carriage if it was attached from before [[Shabbat]], however, it was attached on [[Shabbat]] one may not spread it one [[Shabbat]]. Once the hood is open it is permitted to add a temporary additional roof but one should start to add to that roof from the side which is already covered (by the hood). <Ref>Chazon Ish OC 52:6 holds that it is permitted to open and close the roof of a baby carriage and it isn't considered like creating an ohel to protect from the sun. His reasoning is that it since it is attached to the carriage opening it is like extending a preexisting ohel. Also, it is like opening and closing a door which is built to do that. See Rama 629:3 regarding opening and closing a shlock for the sukkah and Mishna Brurah 315:27 regarding shtenders. In that piece Chazon Ish is disagreeing with the Nodeh Beyehuda regarding umbrellas. Shemirat [[Shabbat]] KeHilchata 24:13 agrees and is lenient. Yalkut Yosef 315:12 quotes those who are strict and concludes that it is proper to leave it a tefach (excluding the folded part) open before Shabbat and extend it or distend it on Shabbat.</ref> 
==Practical Examples of Building==
==Folding table==

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