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Kli SheMelachto LeIsser

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# If one has intent to pick up the object in order to move it for ‘need of the place’ or for the ‘need of the object’ it’s permissible to pick it up, even if one’s primary intent is really to protect the object from breaking or theft. <Ref>Mishna Brurah 308:16, Shemirat [[Shabbat]] KeHilchata 20:12 </ref>
# If a [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]] is picked up in a permitted way one may move it to any place one wishes. <Ref>Shemirat [[Shabbat]] KeHilchata 20:10 </ref>
====for For it’s permitted use====
# Many authorities hold that a [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]] item shouldn’t be used for a permitted use if there’s a permitted item available that serves the same function, yet some argue and one has what to rely on. <Ref> Mishna Brurah 308:12 writes that if there’s another permitted kli available one shouldn’t use the [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]]. The following achronim bring this Mishna Brurah as halacha: Kaf HaChaim 308:22, Igrot Moshe O”C 5:21(12), Sh”t Shevet HaLevi 1:127(9), and Sh”t Az Nidbaru 8:31,64. However, the Badei HaShulchan 108:14, and Shemirat [[Shabbat]] KeHilchata 20:8 question the Mishna Brurah and leave it unresolved (the Shemirat [[Shabbat]] KeHilchata says it’s preferable to use the other permitted kli). Lastly, the Sh”t Bear Moshe 8:74-5, Daat Torah 308:3, Yalkut Yosef ([[Shabbat]] vol 2 pg 413) and Sh”t [[Tefillah]] LeMoshe 1:17 rule against the Mishna Brurah that even if there’s a permitted item to use, one may use the forbidden one. </ref>
#Some define ‘available’ as within the same room, meaning, that there’s if there’s a Kli Sh’Melachto LeHeter in the same room as a [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]], one must use the Kli Sh’Melachto LeHeter, however, if the permitted one is in another room, one may use the [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]]. <Ref> Sefer Tiltulei [[Shabbat]] (pg 38) in the name of Rav Moshe Feinstein. [A similar idea is found in Sh”t Chesev HaEfod 3:80 (quoted by Piskei Teshuvot 308:5) and Shemirat [[Shabbat]] KeHilchata (chapter 20 note 19).]</ref>
# However, one may not move the hammer on the table simply because it disturbs one’s peace of mind. <Ref>Shemirat [[Shabbat]] KeHilchata 20:10 </ref>
====for For it’s space====
# It’s permitted to move a [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]] if the space it is occupied is needed for some permitted purpose i.e. clearing a chair to sit. <Ref> Sefer Tiltulei [[Shabbat]] (pg 39) in explanation of a need of the space </ref>
# It’s permitted to move a [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]] if the object is in the way of getting something for a permitted purpose i.e. clearing a bookshelf ledge to get a book. <Ref> Shemirat [[Shabbat]] KeHilchata 20:10, Sefer Tiltulei [[Shabbat]] (pg 39) in explanation of a need of the space. </ref>

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