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# In a room where the baby is changed if the mezuzah is on the inside of the door it should be covered.<ref>Yalkut Yosef (Sovah Semachot v. 1 ch. Mekomot Hachayvim Bmezuzah no. 39)</ref>
# Even though it is technically permitted to have a child potty in a room with a mezuzah since the mezuzah is covered and above 10 tefachim it isn't proper to do so.<ref>Yalkut Yosef YD 285:7</ref>
# If a person is moving and another Jew is moving in one must leave them your mezuzot.<ref>Bava Metsia 101b-102a, Rambam Tefillin 5:11, Shulchan Aruch YD 291:2.</ref>The reasoning is that you shouldn't remove mezuzot is because they are used to serve to protect the house from harm and taking them indicates that you don't care about those moving in<ref> Tosfot Shabbat 22a s.v. rav</ref> or that mezuzot represent that the divine presence resides in the home and that isn't something one should remove.<ref>Ritva Bava Metsia 102a s.v. lo</ref>
# It is permitted to take down the old mezuzah, have them checked, and then put up just kosher ones, and take the old ones with you.<Ref>
Rav Ovadia (Yabia Omer YD 3:18, quoted by Hamezuzah VeHilchata p. 127) says that you could replace them with simple ones which are just kosher but it's better to do this as follows: take down the old mezuzot to get them checked, then put up the just kosher ones (make a bracha when putting those up), and then use the old mezuzot for where you are going.</ref>
# There is an opinion that you may take down the mezuzot in you're going to put them up in another house, however, that opinion isn't accepted as the halacha.<ref>Chida in Birkei Yosef YD 291:2 writes that according to one answer of Tosfot one can take the mezuzot with you if you'll put it up right away, but according to the Ritva you can't. He says that we hold that one shouldn't take them down even if you'll put them up in another house right away, yet in an extenuating circumstance where you can't find mezuzot to buy for the new house you can take down the mezuzot. Aruch Hashulchan 291:3 cites this but is hesitant about it.</ref>
# There is what to rely upon to take down the mezuzah if it is going to be painted before the next tenant moves in so that they don’t get ruined. <ref>Igrot Moshe YD 4:44</ref>

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