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# Even if she saw blood and didn't have a hargasha she is a Niddah rabbinically.<ref>Shulchan Aruch 190:1</ref>
==Hargasha Nowadays==
# Nowadays most women do not feel any of these conditions. Nonetheless, the poskim assume that women who experience their period are a Niddah on a Biblical level. <ref>Aruch Hashulchan 183:61 writes that woman do still experience hargasha even if they testify otherwise. Igrot Moshe YD 4:17:12 writes that it is possible for woman to have a slight feeling of a hargasha and miss it. Either way he says that if a woman knows it is her flow she is a Niddah but if she finds blood and doesn't have any feeling of any hargasha it is only a ketem.</ref>
# Either way the rules of ketamim do not apply to a bedika cloth or any blood that is certainly from the uterus.
==Feelings that are Confused with a Hargasha==
# There are certain phenomenon that can cause a sensation similar to a hargasha. Therefore, if a woman was involved in any one of these activities and then saw blood that could have been emitted from her body it could be that she is a Niddah Biblically and that blood is not considered a ketem.<ref>Gemara Niddah 57b, Sidrei Tahara 183:1</ref>

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