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Milk and Meat in the Kitchen

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Kli Sheni
# If hot milk falls onto cold meat the meat is only forbidden up to the depth of a peel. Sephardim hold that the milk is permitted, while Ashkenazim hold that the milk is forbidden unless there is sixty times the area of contact to the depth of a peel.<ref>The gemara Pesachim 76a says that if hot milk falls onto cold meat the meat is forbidden up to a peel. Tosfot s.v. tanya quotes Rabbenu Tam who says that the milk isn't forbidden at all since it is impossible to remove a peel of a liquid. However, the Riva is quoted by Tosfot as disagreeing and stating that the milk is forbidden unless there is sixty times the depth of a peel where the contact was made. The Tur 91:4 infers from the Rambam that he sides with the Rabbenu Tam. Shulchan Aruch YD 91:4 holds like Rabbenu Tam, however, the Taz 91:7 and Badei Hashulchan 91:34 are strict for the Riva. </ref>
# One shouldn’t pour water from a faucet or parve cup into a hot meat pan since the stream will affect the faucet making it meat like the pan, otherwise the faucet or parve cup will become meat. The same is true with a milk pan.<ref>Rama 105:3 cites the Mordechai who learns that pouring is considered a connection to transfer taste as we find by tumah (nisok chibur). The Rama concludes that it isn’t an issue after the fact. Gra explains that it isn’t possible to learn from tumah since that is dependant on a connection whereas kashrut depends on taste being transfered. Badei Hashulchan 92:180 concludes that it is initially forbidden to pour water from a parve cut or faucet into a hot meat pan since doing so could make the parve cup or faucet meat. Horah Brurah 105:41 agrees.</ref>
===Kli Sheni===
# If a hot piece of meat is cut with a cold dairy knife if the knife was used for dairy within 24 hours the amount of a "peel" needs to be removed from the meat. If it wasn't used within 24 hours the meat is kosher. The knife in either case needs to be cleaned off but not koshered.<ref>Rama Y.D. 94:7</ref> However, many poskim hold that the meat is completely not kosher and the knife needs to be koshered.<ref>Badei Hashulchan 94:101 cites the achronim who argue with the Rama including the Maharshal and sides with him unless there is a case of great loss. That is also the view of the Aruch Hashulchan.</ref>
# This applies even if the meat isn't yad soledet bo as long as it is hot.<Ref>Badei Hashulchan 94:100 based on Tosfot and Rosh on Chullin 8a. Gra explains that this Rama is based on Chullin that with duchka dsakina a kli sheni is boleh a klipah.</ref>

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