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==Borrowing without Permission==
# One may borrow a lulav and etrog without asking permission. Since it is a mitzva and the risk of damage is low, we can assume that the owner would allow it.<ref>Rama 649:5 based on Terumat Hadeshen 100, Pri Megadim MZ 649:7, Halachos of Other People's Money pg. 66 </ref> However, if the one knows that the owner is meticulous about his, or circumstances dictate that he probably is such as it is meticulously wrapped or put away n a private locker, one should not use it without permission.<Ref>Halachos of Other People's Money pg. 67</ref> This refers to the later days of Sukkot, However, on the first day (or first two outside of Israel) one does not fulfill his obligation with a borrowed lulav, even if it is with permission.<ref>Shulchan Aruch 649:2, Halachos of Other People's Money pg. 67 </ref># Even a woman may borrow a lulav without permission, even though she is not obligated to do perform the mitzva, since she is permitted to volunteer.<ref> Halachos of Other People's Money pg. 66, Shu"t Igrot Moshe OC 2:106 </ref># One should not borrow an etrog that is on sale, because the seller probably does not want them to be used.<ref>Halachos of Other People's Money pg. 67, Shu"t Igrot Moshe OC 2:107</ref>
==After [[Sukkot]]==

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