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Leaning during the Seder

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Who is obligated to lean?
# If a student is eating [[the Seder]] at another table but can be seen by his Rabbi, some authorities permit, but one should be strict not to lean unless one gets permission, especially if it's one's Rav Muvhak. <ref> Rama 472:5 rules in name of the Mahariv that a student can lean in front of his Rabbi if the student isn't eating at the same table. Pri [[Chadash]] argues that anytime the student is in sight of his Rabbi he can't lean. Mishna Brurah (Shaar Tzion 472:22) argues that perhaps the Mahariv is lenient because of his opinion that a student in front of his Rabbi is exempt but is allowed, however since we hold like the Darkei Moshe that a student in front of his Rabbi is forbidden to lean perhaps in this case one can't lean. Mishna Brurah quotes the Pri Megadim that in such a case it's preferable to be strict and get permission. Chazon Ovadyah ([[Pesach]] vol. 2 pg 8) suggests that by a Rav Muvhak it's forbidden like the Pri [[Chadash]] and for one's Rabbi who isn't one's Rav Muvhak it's permissible like the Mahariv. </ref>
# A son in front of his father should lean but a son-in-law in front of a father-in-law who is his teacher shouldn't lean. <ref> Chiddushei [[Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach]] on Pesachim 108b quoted in Halichot Shlomo pg 233 writes that since a father is comfortable with his son leaning in front of him it's not considered disrespect, however a father-in-law doesn't have that same relationship with his son-in-law. </ref>
# An avel should lean. <ref> Chazon Ovadia Hilchot [[Pesach]] page 9. , Chok Yakov 472:5 </ref> Some hold that a mourner within 12 months doesn't lean.<ref>Bach 472:2 and Bach teshuva chadashot 5 writes that a mourner within 12 months may not lean since it brings to happiness and also we follow the Rayvah who says that there's need to lean nowadays since it doesn't express freedom by leaning. Magen Avraham 472:5 cites the Bach. Pri Megadim E"A 472:5 writes that he shouldn't lean on a fancy couch but should still lean.</ref>
==One who forgot to lean==

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