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Setting the Table

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# Ashkenazim have a practice to wear a kittel for the seder.<ref>Taz 472:3, Mishna Brurah 472:12</ref>
# A mourner doesn't wear a kittel.<ref>The Rama 610:4 presents 2 reasons for wearing a kittel: to mimic the angels and to remember the day of death. The Taz 472:3 writes that a mourner doesn't wear a kittel for the first reason. Mishna Brurah 472:13 writes that the mourner doesn't wear a kittel but if he doesn't one shouldn't protest.</ref> Some say that the minhag is that a mourner does wear a kittel for the seder.<ref>Dirshu 472:17 citing Rav Shlomo Zalman (Halichot Shlomo p. 136)</ref># One shouldn't bring the kittel into the bathroom.<ref>Mishna Brurah 610:18</ref>

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