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Yaaleh VeYavo

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If meal extended after sunset
# If the meal extended until after sunset on [[Rosh Chodesh]] one should say Yaaleh VeYavo in [[Birkat HaMazon]] since we follow the beginning of the meal. If, however, one already said [[Maariv]], one should not insert Yaaleh VeYavo in [[Birkat HaMazon]]. <ref>Shulchan Aruch 188:10, Mishna Brurah 188:34, Vezot HaBracha (p. 144)</ref>
# If the meal extended until after sunset on [[Yom Tov]], Chol Hamoed, or [[Rosh Chodesh]] and one has to insert the special Bracha between the third and fourth Bracha this special Bracha should be said without [[Shem UMalchut]] meaning one should just say ברוך שנתן…<ref>Halachos of [[Brachos]] (pg 511) based on Beiur Halacha 188:10 s.v. mazkir, Kesot HaShulchan 47:3 </ref>
# If one began a meal before [[Rosh Chodesh]] and finished it on [[Rosh Chodesh]] and ate a [[Kezayit]] after nightfall, one should insert Yaaleh VeYavo in [[Birkat HaMazon]]. <Ref>Shulchan Aruch HaRav 188:17, Halacha Brurah 188:34, Vezot HaBracha (p.145) </ref> If one finished one's meal during [[Bein HaShemashot]] one shouldn't insert Yaaleh VeYavo, yet it would be proper to eat a [[Kezayit]] after Tzeit HaKochavim and insert Yaaleh VeYavo to avoid any doubt.<ref>Vezot HaBracha (p.145)</ref># If one started one's meal during Ben Hashemashot of Rosh Chodesh and finished it after nightfall one shouldn't insert Yaaleh Veyavo.<Ref>Piksei Teshuvot 188:19 based on Eshel Avraham 188:10</ref>
===A woman who forgot Yaaleh VeYavo in Birkat HaMazon===

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