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Chaticha Hareuy Lhitchabed
===Chaticha Hareuy Lhitchabed===
# A forbidden piece of meat or fish that is significant that can be used to honor a guest isn't nullified in any amount.<ref>Shulchan Aruch 101:1</ref> This applies to any prohibited item even if it is only rabbinically forbidden.<ref>Rama 101:1</ref>
# If there's a doubt if it can be used to honor a guest one can be lenient.<ref>Rama YD 101:1. Pri Megadim M"Z 101:2 asks how there could be a doubt if something is useful to honor a guest, it is ascertainable (see Shulchan Aruch YD 98:3). He quotes the Pri Toar 101:4 who answers that with respect to objective questions whether it is ascertainable it isn't a doubt but since this is a subjective question one could be in doubt.</ref>
# This rule only applies if the piece of meat or fish is forbidden in it of itself but not if it only absorbed a taste of something forbidden. The only exception is meat and milk which if combined each piece is completely forbidden in it of itself.<ref>Shulchan Aruch 101:2</ref>
# Meat that was a person wasn't watching and became forbidden because of [[Basar SheNitalem Min HaAyin]] is nullified in a majority.<ref>Rabbi Akiva Eiger 101:1 based on Shach Klalei Safek Safeka 110:19 that there is no issue of Chaticha Hareuya Lhitchabed for meat that wasn't watched which is a chumra derabbanan and not like other derabbanan's.</ref>
# A piece of cheese can be significant and considered a chaticha hareuya lhitchabed.<ref>The Maharshal (Yam Shel Shlomo Kol Habasar 108 cited by Taz) writes that cheese isn’t a chaticha hareuya lhitchabed since a person can’t eat so much of it until he gets full. Also some people don’t like it at all. Therefore, it isn’t a chaticha hareuya lhitchabed. Taz 101:3 argues that cheese is a chaticha hareuya lhitchabed and it is evident in the Rashba (Torat Habayit 91a).</ref>

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