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# Ideally the meal should have meat but one fulfills the minhag even with chicken or fish.<ref>Yalkut Yosef Sova Semachot 2:11:3 based on Taamei Haminhagim writes that the meal should have meat initially but if that's not possible it could have chicken or fish. Rabbenu Bechay Beresheet 21:8 writes that the minhag to have a seuda after a Brit Milah is based on the party Avraham made for Yitzchak and the midrash writes that the party was for fact he was able to give Yitzchak a Milah. </ref>
# The meal should be a bread meal.<ref>Yalkut Yosef Sova Semachot 2:11:3</ref>
# The minhag is to have a minyan for the seudah of a brit milah.<Ref>Rama Y.D. 265:12, Yalkut Yosef Sova Semachot 2:11:2</ref> If one didn't have a minyan the seudah is still valid.<ref>Otzar Habrit 3:17:4 p. 239 writes that even if there wasn’t a minyan present at the seudat brit milah the seuda is still a seuda and the minyan isn’t the halacha but a minhag. Bechorat Habrit 265:66 says ten is enough but it isn't critical. See also Maharam Shik YD 386.</ref>
==A Delayed Milah==

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