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# Everyone agrees that if a baby boy is born during the [[Bein HaShemashot]] (halachic twilight) on Wednesday can have the Brit Milah on Thursday next week. <Ref>Menuchat Ahava (vol 1, 1:7) and Sh”t Yabia Omer YD 5:23(4) explain that since the Brit Milah’s original time was set for Thursday because of a doubt it’s not considered like it was delayed specifically for that time. </ref>
==Milah On Shabbat==
# Sephardim hold that when there is a milah on Shabbat they shouldn’t have one mohel do the milah and another do the priyah.<ref>Shulchan Aruch YD 267:12.</ref> There is a dispute if it is true for Yom Tov as well.</ref>Otzer Brit v. 2 p. 379 writes Yam Shel Shlomo Yevamot 8:3 is machmir even on Yom Tov but we don't follow it (Petach Habayit). Or Yisrael p. 308 n. 42 writes it is asur even on yom tov. Yalkut Yosef Shabbat v. 4 p. 326 331:14 we hold that you shouldn't have two mohalim. It is clear from the footnote that it applies also to yom tov.</ref>
# A father can do a brit on Shabbat even if he could have someone else do it.<Ref>Shulchan Aruch OC 338</ref>
# Regarding putting away the milah knife after the milah see [[General_laws_of_Muktzeh#Muktzeh_that.E2.80.99s_in_already_in_one.E2.80.99s_hands]].
==Procedure of Milah==

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