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Non-Jewish Food Vendors

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Kosher Pots Left with a Non-Jew
#If a delivery man, non-Jewish or Jewish but not religious, is hired by a store he can be trusted to honestly delivery the food and not switch the food since he is afraid of loosing his job if he were found to be switching the food.<ref>Shevet Hakehati 3:228 quoting Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, Yalkut YosefIsur Vheter v. 1 p. 139</ref>
==Kosher Pots Left with a Non-Jew==
#A person shouldn't leave kosher pots with a non-Jew otherwise there is a concern that they used the kosher pots for non-kosher food.<ref>Shulchan Aruch and Rama Y.D. 122:9</ref> To avoid this issue one could either
##leave for less than 18 minutes or not let the non-Jew know that you are leaving for more than 18 minutes and they think you might return at any moment,<ref>Shach 122:9</ref>
##designate pots for the non-Jew so that they can use their own pots and won't have to use the kosher pots.<ref>Tosfot Avoda Zara 12a s.v. vshadi writes that we're not concerned that the non-Jew will intentionally take something from a Jew unless he stands to benefit. Minchat Asher YD 2:51 s.v. vnireh writes if a non-Jew has pots designated for them we can assume that they used those and there's no concern that they used the kosher pots that they were not supposed to use.</ref>
#After the fact if one left one's kosher pots with a non-Jew such as with a maid for more than 18 minutes the kosher might have been made non-Kosher. As such one shouldn't use them for 24 hours but afterwards one can use them without kashering them.<ref>Rama 122:9, Igrot Moshe 1:61</ref> Other poskim hold that after the fact the pots can be used immediately.<ref>Minchat Asher YD 2:51</ref>
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