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# Some say that it's permissible to move a Kli Sh'Melachto LeHeter if one has pleasure in moving it. <ref>Aruch HaShulchan 308:15, Minchat [[Shabbat]] 88:53 says that Kli Sh'Melachto LeHeter may be moved if there's pleasure in moving it. Chazon Ovadyah (vol 3, pg 7) relies on this in regards to silverware where there's another dispute if it's considered like food or like [[Kli SheMelachto LeHeter]]. See also Avnei Nezer OC 403. However, Yalkut Yosef ([[Shabbat]] vol 2 pg 457, Sherit Yosef pg 418) was strict regarding silverware for no purpose.</ref> Additionally, many permit it to help them with nervousness.<ref>Rav Nevinsal in Byitzchak Yikareh 308:4 quoting Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach</ref>
# It’s forbidden to move a Kli Sh’Melachto LeHeter without any intent as that’s considered moving it for no purpose. <Ref> Aruch HaShulchan 308:15, Tiltulei [[Shabbat]] (pg 18) </ref>
# It’s It is permitted to move a Kli Shemelachto Lheter so that you can use it later that Shabbat, however, it is forbidden to move a Kli Sh’Melachto LeHeter for a need for after [[Shabbat]] as that’s considered moving it for no purpose (for [[Shabbat]]) . <ref> Taz 308:2, Mishna Brurah 308:21 </ref>
# A minority opinion holds that if you can set the table before Shabbat you should and it would be forbidden because of muktzeh to wait until Shabbat to do that. However, this opinion isn’t accepted.<ref> Why was moving the reeds on the Shulchan an issue? Ritva and Tosfot Harosh say that it is only an issue according to Rabba who says that moving something for the protection of the utensil isn’t enough and we don’t follow his opinion. Ran Meyuchas Lritva writes that it is because it is shelo ltzorech klal since it could be avoided by arranging it before and after Shabbat. Birkat Tzvi Shabbat p. 333 quotes Rav Yisrael Schwartz that according to the Meyuchas LRitva you should set the table before Shabbat otherwise it is considered shelo ltzorech klal to do something on Shabbat that you could have done on Shabbat. He writes that he didn’t see the poskim write this. This assumes that silverware and the like shouldn’t be moved for no reason; see Mishna Brurah 308:23.</ref>

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