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# It’s permitted to move a [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]] in order to give it to another person who will use it for a permitted purpose or if one needs to use it in a permissible way for an animal. <Ref>Shemirat [[Shabbat]] KeHilchata 20:9 </ref>
# It’s permissible to move a hammer on a table that one needs to spread a tablecloth on. Similarly, a hammer that’s on a tablecloth may be removed in order to remove the tablecloth. <Ref>Shemirat [[Shabbat]] KeHilchata 20:10 </ref>
# However, one may not move the hammer on the table simply because it disturbs one’s peace of mind. <Ref>Shemirat [[Shabbat]] KeHilchata 20:10 </ref> Some allow it so the house is clean for kavod Shabbat.<ref>Halacha Sheleimah p. 46 citing Or Letzion 2:26:3, Mechzeh Eliyahu 46. Shemirat Shabbat Kehilchata ch. 20 fnt. 225 quotes a talmid chacham who says that it is permitted.</ref>
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