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General Laws of Muktzeh

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Muktzeh that’s in already in one’s hands
===Muktzeh that’s in already in one’s hands===
# If one has picked up a [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]] in one’s hands in a permissible fashion then it’s permissible to place it anywhere one likes.<ref>Rashi Shabbat 43a s.v. btzarich, Tosfot Beitzah 3b s.v. aval, Mishna Brurah 308:13</ref> However, if one picked it up in a forbidden way or one has an absolute [[Muktzeh]] item in one’s hand, then one should drop it. <ref>Mishna Brurah 308:13 </ref>
# After the mohel finished the milah and needs to put the milah knife down some poskim hold that he should drop it as soon as is possible that wouldn't be dangerous. Ashkenazim hold that he could move it as long as it is still in his hands since he was allowed to pick it up. Sephardim hold it is permitted to move.<ref>Bet Yosef 266:1 cites Rabbenu Yerucham who says that after the milah one could put it away. Darkei Moshe 266:1 quotes the Maharil that one needs to drop it immediately after the milah. Rama 266:2 and Shach (Nekudat Hakesef 266:1) hold like the Rabbenu Yerucham. However, Taz 266:1, Magen Avraham 331:5, and Gra YD 266:3 accept the Maharil. Magen Avraham is lenient while it is still in your hand, while the Gra disagrees with that leniency. Chazon Ovadia v. 3 p. 59 is lenient and writes that such is the minhag even if one put it down. Mishna Brurah 310:15 is strict once you put it down unless one left it in a place that one is afraid that it will be stolen. (Everyone accepts that the milah knife is muktzeh. Pri Megadim M"Z 308:2 writes that a milah knife is a kli shemelachto lisur but if muktzeh mahcmat chisaron kis because you don't want it to get ruined, while the Shach (Nekudat Hakesef 266:1) seems to hold it is fundamentally a kli shemelachto lheter.) </ref>
# If someone has muktzeh in his hands from before Shabbat he should drop it once Shabbat starts.<Ref>Mishna Brurah 266:35 writes that the Gra is strict that once Shabbat starts one has to drop the muktzeh unlike the Rama. Biur Halacha 266:12 s.v. yachol cites the Derech Hachaim who allows it for a kli shemelachto lisur and not for real muktzeh.</ref>

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