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Socializing with Non-Jews

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===Social Drinking With Non-Jews===
#When one is socializing with Jews and non-Jews, if there are Jews than no-Jews, drinking is allowed.<ref>Rambam Ma'achalot Asurot 17:10</ref> If there are more non-Jews than Jews (and some even hold when it's half and half)<ref>Pri Chadash 114:1</ref>, strict Halacha for Ashkenazim is that one may drink anything besides date honey beer, <ref>Rama Yoreh Deah 114:1</ref> but there are a wide range of opinions on what one can and cannot drink, reaching as far as an opinion that considers the possibility that one cannot drink any beverage. <ref>Chelkat Binyamin (Shaar Hatziyun 114:19)</ref> Strict Sefardic Halacha is that one may not drink any beer in such a situation, but other alcohols are permitted. <ref>Yalkut Yosef Yoreh Deah 114:1</ref>

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