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Working on Friday Afternoon

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Conducting "Business" as Opposed to "Work"
===Conducting "Business" as Opposed to "Work"===
# It is permitted to do business such as keeping a store open as opposed to regular ''melacha'' after [[Mincha KetanaGedola]] all the way until an hour before [[ShekiyaMincha Ketana]]according to all opinions.<ref>Magen Avraham 256:1 writes that it is proper for a storekeeper to close an hour before Shabbat since if he doesn't it could lead to a violation of Shabbat if a buyer lingers in the store longer. Pri Megadim 256:1 concludes that the Magen Avrahamm only permits business after Mincha Gedola until mincha ketana for those who hold it is forbidden to do melacha after mincha gedola. Shaar Hatziyun 256:3 clarifies that the Magen Avraham means an hour before shekiya which is mincha ketana time (according to the Rabbenu Tam). In 251:1 the Magen Avraham clarifies that keeping a store open isn't a melacha. As such it is permitted to keep it open past mincha ketana. Mishna Brurah 256:1 and 251:1 cites the Magen Avraham.</ref> Nonetheless, it isn't recommended Some forbid after mincha ketana[[Mincha Gedola]] but the minhag is to be lenient.<ref>Piskei Teshuvot 251 fnt. 32 cites the Mor Ukesiah, Shulch Aruch Harav, Pri Megadim, Yeshuot Yakov, Biur Halacha. Furthermore, Kaf Hachaim 251:2 quotes the Eliya Rabba 251:1, Machzik Bracha 251, and Nehar Shalom who argue with the Magen Avraham that it is forbidden. Yalkut Yosef 251:3 writes that the minhag is to be lenient like the Magen Avraham.</ref>
# If a Jewish store is open beyond when the halacha warrants you shouldn't buy from that store at that time support their store.<ref>Dirshu 251:1 citing Rav Nissim Karelitz (Chut Shani 1:6:1)</ref>

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