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==Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur==
#Items that are primarily used for prohibited activities on [[Shabbat]] is considered [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]]. <ref>Mishna Brurah 308:10 writes that a kli for which a majority (or more) of it’s uses are forbidden is considered a [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]]. On the other hand, some opinions (Gedolot Elisha 308:19, see ‘empty [[cooking]] pots’) hold that even if only a minority of the uses of the kli are permitted, the kli is considered Kli Sh’Melachto LeHeter. * Rashi might hold that anything that is used for something permitted and something forbidden is considered a kli shemelachto lheter. This can be supported by Rashi 35b s.v. chatzotzrot as understood like Tosfot, 113a s.v. muter ltaltelan, Beitzah 34a s.v. kol hakelim. See Mishnat Hashabbat p. 284 who describes this approach in Rashi and Pri Megadim M”Z 308:14 who is bothered by Rashi’s approach.* Knesset Hagedola (Hagahot Hatur 308:2) quotes the Shiltei Giborim 48a who says that a kli shemelachto for isur and heter is like a kli shemelachto lheter. Mishna Brurah 308:20 agrees.* Pri Megadim M"Z 308 intro learns from the Rashba 123a s.v. ha that a cooking pot is kli shemelachto lisur even though it is sometimes used to store food because it is generally used to cook. Mishna Brurah 308:20 agrees. </ref>
# Even if the [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]] was used for forbidden Melacha during Ben Hashemashot it’s still considered [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]] and not total [[Muktzeh]]. <Ref>Mishna Brurah 308:11 </ref>

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