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* candlesticks <ref> What are the status of candlesticks?
* Ramban and Rashba 122b write that candles are kli shemelachto lheter. They Raavad to the same effect. They explain that the candles are used to hold the flame which is muktzeh and being designated for a bosis doesn’t make something to be muktzeh. Alternatively, candles enhance the Shabbat experience and aren’t considered muktzeh. Tashbetz 1:137 agrees. Chazon Ovadia v. 3 p. 92 accepts the Ramban. Shevet Halevi 1:56 endorses this approach but doesn’t it.
* Tosfot 44a-b say that a candlestick is a kli shmelachto lisur since they are designated to be lit and become a bosis. Mishna Brurah 279:19 agrees. Sefer Tiltulei [[Shabbat]] (pg 36 note 2, 48) quotes Rav Moshe Feinstein as saying that candlesticks are [[Kli Sh’Melachto LeIssur]] even if has no permitted purpose it’s still considered a kli. This is printed in Igrot Moshe 5:22:28.
* The Aruch Hashulchan 279:1 writes that they are completely muktzeh since they are never used for any other purpose than to be lit. Falling in the category of kli shekol melachto lisur could be completely muktzeh according to this approach. See that discussion [[Kli SheKol Melachto LeIssur]]. Chut Shani v. 3 p. 68 writes that it is muktzeh machmat chisaron kis, while Chazon Ovadia argues since it is kli shemelachto lheter.</ref>
* cars <ref> Sh”t Igrot Moshe O”C 5:22(11), Shalmei Yehuda (pg 201) </ref>

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