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see [[Electricity_on_Shabbat#Using_a_light_bulb_for_Shabbat_Candles_and_Havdala|Using a light bulb for Shabbat Candles and Havdala]]
==How to Move the Candlesticks from the Table==
# If you left from before Shabbat a permitted item on the tray that is necessary for Shabbat it is permitted to move the tray off the table after the candles went out since it is a bosis for muktzeh and non-muktzeh.<ref>Muktzeh: A Practical Guide by Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen p. 244 cites Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach and others who say that it is permitted to make the tray a bosis for muktzeh and non-muktzeh since the tray isn't designated only for the candles. He cites Rav Wosner who disagreed that it is similar to the candlesticks themselves which are designated to be a bosis for the flame and nothing else so it wouldn't work to make it a bosis for muktzeh and non-muktzeh. Yalkut Yosef Shabbat 5773 v. 4 p. 227 agrees that you could permit the tray by placing a non-muktzeh item there. See [[Kli_SheMelachto_LeIsser]] as to the discussion of whether candlesticks are muktzeh.</ref>
##Examples of items that you could put on the tray to permit carrying it include a challah, siddur, or knife you will need that Shabbat.
# According to Sephardim it is permitted to move the tray if you make a stipulation before Shabbat that you will use the candlesticks tray after they go out.<ref>Shulchan Aruch 279:4, Chazon Ovadia v. 3 p. 92, Yalkut Yosef Shabbat 5773 v. 4 p. 227. Chazon Ovadia explains that the candlesticks are permitted with a stipulation since they are no longer a bosis. Furthermore they aren't muktzeh machmat chisaron kis since they are a kli shemelachto lheter according to the Ramban, Raavad, Rashba, and Tashbetz.</ref>

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