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# If someone leaves items in a drawer with a muktzeh item on top of a permitted item, some say that the permitted item on bottom isn't muktzeh, while some disagree.<ref>Trumat Hadeshen Pesakim 193 writes that some wanted to permit something that was left haphazardly on top of something else unless it was left there to rest there securely. He disagrees with that position. Magen Avraham 309:6 accepts the lenient view. Rabbi Akiva Eiger 309:4 rejects one of the proofs of the Magen Avraham.</ref> Ashkenazim can be lenient in a case of need,<ref>Mishna Brurah 309:18, Shulchan Aruch Harav 309:9, Orchot Shabbat v. 2 p. 134</ref> Sephardim should be strict.<ref>Taz 309:1, Chazon Ovadia v. 3 p. 133</ref>
# Regarding muktzeh food on top of non-muktzeh food in a freezer drawer, some say that food isn't a bosis.<Ref>Meiri 141b, Ritva 142a, Kol Bo 31 write that food isn't a bosis. Rama 311:8 cites the Kol Bo. Chazon Ovadia v. 3 p. 132 seems to support this approach. The Magen Avraham 311:23 and Gra 311:26 explain that it isn't normal for a food to service muktzeh and serve as a holder of muktzeh. However, Or Same'ach 25:15 explains that food which is usable is never a bosis since I don't intend to put it aside. Taz 311:10 disregards this entire approach. </ref>
# If you have muktzeh on the table the drawers do not become a bosis.<ref>If the drawers are removable certainly they aren’t a bosis (Birkat Reuven Muktzeh p. 75) since they aren’t a unit with the table (Mishna Brurah 310:31). However, with respect to drawers that aren’t removable, Kesot Hashulchan (Badei Hashulchan 112:20) has a safek about whether you can open the drawer of a table that is a bosis to muktzeh. Machon Lshivtecha 308:8 p. 209 is lenient for the drawers. Birkat Reuven pp. 75-6 writes that he saw the Tehilah Ldovid 310:7 who is lenient and compares it to the Pri Megadim M"Z 310:1 that a tablecloth can be partially a bosis, however, the Levushei Sarad disagrees. Birkat Reuven leaves it unresolved.
#Sweeping is permitted with a broom on a paved floor.<Ref>Mishna Brurah 337:12, Orchot Shabbat v. 2 p. 185, Tiltulei Shabbat p. 268, Shalmei Yehuda 9:5.

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